Bane Brings the Pain

As many of you might know, the newest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Nolan was released this month. If you are a Batman fan and have read the comics, you are probably aware that Bane is known as the villain who “broke the Bat”. In Batman: Knightfall, one of the most notorious moments in the story was when Bane broke Batman’s back over his knee; this leaving Batman with a severe spinal injury and completely helpless.

Batman: Knightfall (1993-1994)

For a character that was introduced in the early 90s, there have been many different interpretations of Bane. From the comics, to the cartoons, and live action movies, certain physicalities have remained the same such as Bane’s obvious physical strength and mask; but even his signature face mask has varied throughout the different types of media.

Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995)
Young Justice (2010-present)
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Do you like Christopher Nolan’s live interpretation of Bane? Will Nolan’s film influence Bane’s look in future animated series and comics?