Breaking News: AAU’s Own, Nahal Sohbati, Wins Prestigious Landscape Architecture Award!

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced just 28 winners for their 2017 Student Awards. For the 2nd year in a row, an AAU Landscape Architecture student WON!

Nahal Sohbati was selected from 295 entries and 52 schools throughout the U.S. and around the world by a professional and academic jury.

Nahal Sohbati on Instagram @nahalsbt

Receiving the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE in the category of Community Service for her Ridge Lane project, Nahal is a hard-working, collaborative, innovative, and passionate leader in this field. As her MFA Thesis Project, Nahal gathered neighborhood feedback, pinpointed problems of inaccessibility, crime, and inefficiency in the area, and created a solution that has addressed the many concerns of the neighbors.

The first part of her project was actually installed in June 2016 and has become the heart of the community. The second phase is currently under construction. In designing and executing her Ridge Lane project, Nahal supported this community and ecology in a way that may never have been imagined: even butterflies were taken into account! Read more about the Ridge Lane award HERE and watch the 3-min-video about her project HERE!

Final Touches of Ridge Lane Phase 1 (From Nahal Sohbati’s Instagram)

Landscape Architecture is a tool to change communities, daily lives of people, and the Earth as we know it. Don’t believe us? Just ask @nahalsbt how Landscape Architecture and studying at the Academy of Art is changing her life…

Ridge Lane featured as the heading!