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In Photos: Happy 50th San Francisco Pride!

The Pride March is 50 years old this year, and like any proper milestone, this is most definitely going to be one for the books. But first, a look back on its colorful past.

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Academy Weekly: Happy and Proud in the Summer

As Academy of Art University continues to stand for diversity and inclusivity, we take the time to also celebrate another group of individuals beset with their own struggles in society.

For Solidarity in Diversity and Inclusivity

No matter what race, religion, or gender, you are always welcome here.

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Academy Weekly: The Calm Before the Storm Before Summer

Last week was relatively calm, wouldn’t you say? The spring semester’s over, we’re segueing into summer, and we’re all very much ready to be out and about again once the shelter-in lifts for…

Creative Mind Podcast Bonus Episode – Ilse Metchek Talks Serious Business of Fashion

(by Bobby Brill) This bonus episode of Creative Mind features Ilse Metchek, the President of the California Fashion Association to discuss the business of fashion.


Academy Weekly: Virtual Spring Show, Graduation, and More Upcoming Virtual Events

We told you we won’t be missing a beat! School may have moved online, but it’s certainly not cancelled, Spring Show and Graduation included.

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Academy of Art’s 2020 Spring Show Goes Live

For the first time ever in our art school's history, we are proudly bringing the much-awaited showcase extravaganza of Academy of Art University students' works at the Spring Show exclusively…


Making the Podcast: A Checklist of Important Things You’ll Need

Good content line-up, consistent release schedule, fun and engaging hosts and guests—you already know these are essential elements to a good podcast. But what do you really need to set up one.

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Academy Weekly: Hustling and Bustling through May – Features Last Week and Coming Up Events

We’re powering through May as we speak, and between all the online events and webinars and blog updates we have for you, trust that we won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


Female Leaders in Art and Design: Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate never really thought about how her being a woman affected her role and presence in the industry—until one pivotal event when she came face to face with the imbalance.