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Academy Weekly: Hustling and Bustling through May – Features Last Week and Coming Up Events

We’re powering through May as we speak, and between all the online events and webinars and blog updates we have for you, trust that we won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

By now, you should already be at least convinced that we absolutely when we said there will be no rest for the weekend.

The main thing to look forward to this month is the annual Spring Show, which, for the first time ever, is going to be happening exclusively online! So to whet your appetites, we’ve launched a retrospective on some of the best works that came out of the Spring Show 2019 event. Here’s the good stuff from Entertainment Arts last year.

We’re nearing the end of our Female Leaders in Art & Design series, but last is definitely not least in this case. Last week, we had School of Jewelry & Metal Arts Advisory Board and faculty member Elizabeth Shypertt sharing with us this time how it’s like to work in a female-dominated industry. We’ve got one more coming up, so definitely stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, our very own podcast, Creative Mind, keeps dishing out great episodes. Last week featured Doug Campbell, Hollywood filmmaker, giving cool industry tips for those who’d like to be cinema’s next big thing behind the scene.

Pick Your Art and Design Fix

Architecture as Art – Buildings should be functional, that’s a given. It would be great too, however, if it’s created as an art form as well. We’ve got some inspiring examples for you.

Virtual Tours and Exhibits to Visit Online – Hunkering down has been difficult for many people. Here, we direct you to some virtual tours and exhibits you can check out so you don’t miss out on your art and design fix. We know, it’s still nothing quite like being there in person, but it’s great on its own anyway.

Must-See Classic Plays for Theatre Gateways – Acting students, theatre fans, and those who would just like to get into the world of plays but don’t know where to start: here’s a list of must-see classic plays. They should serve as a great starter kit, so to speak, so enjoy!

Up This Week

We know you’ve been enjoying our virtual event offerings thus far, so we’ve lined up more—plenty more—for you.

May 12, Tuesday:

  • COM Tuesday Tunes – Organized by Urban Knights Radio (and work study Vanessa Salas). IG Live.
  • 7pm PDT – Photography and Lighting Workshop – 90-minute interactive online workshop with John Vano via ZOOM.

May 13, Wednesday:

May 14, Thursday:

May 15, Friday:

May 13th, 14th and 15th:

  • Live one person shows, written and performed by students, will be streamed on Zoom.

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