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Academy of Art’s 2020 Spring Show Goes Live

For the first time ever in our art school’s history, we are proudly bringing the much-awaited showcase extravaganza of Academy of Art University students’ works at the Spring Show exclusively online!

Catch the 2020 Spring Show today!

Oh, you know about the Spring Show–even if you may have not gone to one, you would have heard about it already. After all, it is one of the biggest artwork showcase in the city created by no less than our institution’s very own budding professional artists.

Featuring extraordinary art and design works from over 75 creative disciplines, this year’s exclusive online Spring Show fulfills its promise to introduce our creative students to the respective industries of their dreams. This annual event throws open doors for them leading to various opportunities, whether it be for exposure, internship, or sometimes even direct employment. It’s up to you, the student, to follow that path–or create your own from it.

Every Day Becomes Industry Day

Previous Spring Show iterations had days specifically dedicated to industry insiders, who may want to get a closer look at our student artists’ portfolio. It was definitely exciting, sure, to be one step closer to impressing the company of your dreams, but also it can be limited in scope, especially when compared to the infinite reach of time and space afforded by the internet.

This year, however, every day becomes Industry ay because the 2020 Spring Show is only one click away, and is easily accessible even by the general public. It’s as open Dan exhibit as it can get, and we are optimistic of what this could mean for our students in terms of launching their artistic careers.

With this year’s virtual interactive event, the Academy’s long-standing tradition of connecting its students with leading companies across the globe such as Laika, Nissan, Tesla, Nike, Mattel, Louis Vuitton, Blue Sky Studios, Riot Games, Chronicle Books, and Blizzard continue.

And so without further ado, we invite you to come step into our world. Have a look at what really goes on inside our art school community, and immerse yourself in the sheer amount of talent our students have nurtured and developed through our art and design programs.

To our students, you know how very proud we are of your achievements! This is only the beginning, we cannot wait to see you do more in your future. Congratulations!

The annual Spring Show is Academy of Art University’s showcase for the best of the best student works of the year. Industry insiders, recruiters, and companies on the lookout for the next big, bright artist can look forward to some of the best that the Academy has produced. The 2020 Spring Show is accessible for everyone and exclusively open online.

Academy of Art University is open for the Summer and Fall semesters. Contact our admissions representatives for more details. Apply now if you’re ready to be a part of our art school community.