City Beach in NYC

City Beach NYC is a floating beach park on a river barge for the Hudson River in Manhattan.
The idea came from designer Blayne Ross, read the description below.

The best ideas are derived from necessity.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see Manhattan needs a beach, it’s an island surrounded by water with no sand and it’s going to take a little vision to make it happen. We want to make your summer time experience awesome and and here’s how we’re going to do it.  

My concept was created with my friends at Workshop/APD and Craft Engineering to emulate a relaxed seaside atmosphere and maximize the footprint of the barge we are building on top of. Challenged with the need for restaurants and entertainment space, without sacrificing the relaxed beauty of the dunes, Workshop/APD created what we like to call the “potato chip.” With an elevation of almost 16 feet at the ends of the structure, a natural amphitheater occurs and allows us to provide services underneath the beach without obstructing the amazing views, creating a 360 degree experience of the city and waterway surrounding us.

This short clip describes the project a little bit more: