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Creative Mind Podcast 41 – Lori Beck, Weaving Light and Magic

Lori Beck is a Senior Recruiter with Industrial Light & Magic. She began her tenure at LucasArts in 1992.

Lori then moved on to ILM five years later. In 2005, Lori transitioned from supporting artists to recruiting artists. She recruits for various roles across the company while focusing on animation, FX, lighting, modeling, texturing, and art roles.

In this episode, dive in as Lori gives special insights on how to make it in the industry, starting from what will make your application stand out from the crowd.

“You have to tell me exactly what you want, or else you go in the ‘I don’t know’ pile, because I don’t know what you want to do. I don’t know what you’re passionate about. I don’t know what you’re interested in, which is what we’re trying to figure out.

Do you know what you’re interested in and what you really want to do right now? Then I can help you; you have to help me help you. So the more information you can give me, and a resume is a way of telling your story, that’s how you stand out.”

Lori Beck, ILM Senior Recruiter

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