Do Video Games Need Some Wreck- ognition?

Many fans are excited about Disney’s latest computer animated film, Wreck-it Ralph, coming out this weekend (trailer below)!

The film tells the story of the arcade villain, Ralph, from the game “Fix-It Felix Jr.” Ralph has been a unhappy video game villain for 30 years and he decides that enough is enough. He leaves and journeys to find a game where he can be the hero. Some may think that arcades are slowly becoming a dying trait, but they do bring back some nostalgic memories when fans recognize characters from iconic games like Pac-Man, Street Fighters, and the Mario games. Video games have evolved from button-mashing and joystick controls to ones where you can pound and literally flip a table (it does exist, I have played it myself). Below are fake commercials that promote the key games that are in the film. One can see the difference between the games from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s with the type of games, graphics, and qualities they had.

Want to actually experience these games? You can on the official Wreck-It Ralph website. You can play all three, Fix-It Felix Jr., Sugar Rush Speedway, and Hero’s Duty on your computer here!

Which game would you wreck-ommend to a friend?