GLS Landscape|Architecture – Firm Highlight

GLS is a landscape architecture firm in San Francisco that designs places of simplicity and spatial clarity, typically with complex site planning issues, a connection to nature and often with an architectural component. We have a multi-disciplinary office culture and we work closely with clients to give meaningful form to their aspirations, to integrate interior and exterior spaces and materials, reinforce spatial ideas through horticultural design, and to solve problems associated with difficult sites and new ecologies.

GLS places a priority on the following ideas and values:

  • » The integration of landscape, architecture and infrastructure
  • » Architectural quality detailing in the landscape
  • » Horticulture that performs a spatial and ecological role
  •    beyond ornamentation
  • » An emerging second nature where nature and structure are intertwined
  • » The awareness of history and precedent in landscape, architecture
  •    and urban design
One of GLS Landscape|Architecture’s newest projects to be completed is the newly opened San Francisco Exploratorium at Pier 15. This project was designed as “Waterfront promenade, plazas and outdoor exhibit space related to the relocation of influential ‘Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception’ to historic Piers 15 & 17 on San Francisco Bay. The project consists of the seismic upgrade of 2 piers and exterior architecture including exhibit infrastructure, bridges and site structures, metalwork, furnishings and custom lighting.”
Take some time to head over to the Exploratorium to check out the design, but don’t forget to go inside and explore the beautiful building designed by EHDD Architecture, and to have some fun playing with all the great science exhibits.