Five Hot Design Trends for 2017

Rugs as art
Area rugs will be the go-to trend for homeowners looking to make a rapid impact. A mix of size, color, style and texture creates endless possibilities. Not just square, not just functional,  rugs become art with rooms being built around them as opposed to on top of them.
Statement Materials
Unique applications of materials will continue in 2017. Leather floors, wood paneling on ceilings and unique wall art will keep spaces fresh. Designers will play with strategically placed tiles mixing into other patterns to create an unconventional focal point.
Maker Movement
This year’s Maker class embodies the essence of North American craftsmanship: quality and style while using local raw and upcycled materials to design unique pieces. The Maker movement speaks to consumer trends towards personalization, one-offs and supporting local and independent design.

Classics Revisited
Old will meet new in 2017, as we witness traditional furniture structures re-imagined with a modern edge. New materials, colors, and textures will revamp even the most dated of styles for a playful  approach.
Innovative Lighting 
Experts are shining a spotlight on lighting as the true showstopper for commercial and residential spaces. It’s not just fresh interpretations of shapes, but also the incorporation of interesting technology from LED and beyond that make this trend new and innovative.

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