It's No Place Like Home

Moxy Milan Italy
Moxy Milan Italy

From Munich to Milan, from New Orleans to Nashville, Moxy Hotels by Marriot can be described many ways – millennial, affordable, comfortable, free spirited, but the word that applies best is COOL! They are self-described as ”a boutique hotel with the social heart of a hostel.”
Moxy New Orleans
Moxy New Orleans

The New Orleans' Moxy 24 hour dining room
The New Orleans’ Moxy 24 hour dining room

Their potent blend of industrial, traditional, contemporary and funky create a special brand for those that may not be drawn to a more traditional hotel experience.
Combining games, fireplaces, reading nooks and social areas in a single open lobby makes for an interesting experience. The company describes it this way “Our lobbies are like living rooms with a bartender.”
How did they develop such a unique brand identity? They did what all good designers do… client research. But they did it differently. Instead of researching what clients that might want to go to a hotel want, they researched those that would rarely be inclined to visit a hotel. A win/win. For the company (increased market share) and for the customer, a new experience that turns what it means to be a hotel upside down.
A Moxy Hotel is planned to open in San Francisco at Fisherman’s Warf early 2018.
Fisherman's Warf, San Francisco 2018
Fisherman’s Warf, San Francisco 2018