Floating Cabin

Only in San Francisco…
Brooklyn-based artist Mark Reigelman, in collaboration with architect Jenny Chapman, have conceived ‘manifest destiny!’.

The project is a temporary rustic cabin which has been affixed to the Hotel des Arts (if you are not familiar with it, its a hotel in downtown SF where emerging local artist get to design each room in different ways, check it out here Hotel des Arts )above and between other properties in the city’s downtown core. floating approximately 40 feet in the air above the restaurant le central, the work stands as an anomalous-like outgrowth of the contemporary street scape. the structure, which measures approximately W7 x D8 x H11 feet, takes on a 19th-century architectural style. constructed from vintage building materials – it has a welded aluminum frame, with an exterior finished with 100 year-old reclaimed barn board from Ohio – the dwelling is meant to be an homage to the romantic spirit of the western myth and a commentary on the arrogance of westward expansion. three curtained windows, allow the interior space of the petite abode to be seen day and night, standing as a lonely beacon in the city’s dense landscape.
3 x 4 foot solar panels located on the rear roof, charge during daylight hours in order to illuminate the cabin’s interior by night. weighing over 1000 lbs. the temporary site specific installation was commissioned by southern exposure and funded by the
Graue family foundation. It remains on view until October 2012 Location:447 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA

Here are some pictures of the amazing project:

Here is a video of the installation day

photos by cesar rubio photograph text:designboom.com