Monday Morning Photo(s) Winners!

For today’s Monday Morning Photo(s) we have the
IAD 300 Design Competition Winners, Lara Martinez and Daniela Amelunge with their Wine and Field’s project.
The IAD Department would like to congratulate students Lara Martinez and Daniela Amelunge on winning the Fall 2013 Design Competition in their IAD 300 Studio Class taught by Instructor Archana Myer. Students were challenged with a semester long project designing a commercial space for client/Restaurateur Tony Riviera. He was incredibly impressed with the students as a whole and while the overall quality of work was exceptional, Daniela and Lara stood out. As he announced the winner, he stated “several groups did an amazing job but the winners certainly separated themselves with tremendous attention to detail, great renderings and an outstanding video.” The  students will be offered a design internship during the construction administration phase of the project providing them with an incredible opportunity for hands on learning.
Lara Martinez_Daniela Amelunge
As a Department, we applaud the unparalleled work ethic that we saw in these two students throughout the semester as well as their ability to showcase their creative talents through this project. Daniela and Lara have set the bar high and their winning project is a great example of teamwork and talent coming together!