Frank Gehry for Louis Vuitton

To mark the opening of The Foundation Louis Vuitton, the French luxury house has commissioned one of our favorite architects, Frank Gehry to design their windows for Fall/Winter 2014-2015. A Pritzker Prize–winning architect, Gehry is to the world of structural design what Louis Vuitton is to the world of luxury and fashion. The Los Angeles based architect has lately been in news for designing the Louis Vuitton Foundation in the heart of Bois de Boulogne, Paris.
Here are a few images of the window displays, make sure to stop by your local Louis Vuitton store to check them out!
A series of curved metal structures inspired by the sailing and fishing boats as well the abstract works of the painter, Frank Stella will grace the windows of Louis Vuitton stores. Paying homage to the Canadian-American architect’s famous structures, these sail-themed windows will give an illusion of movement, as if they were floating in the wide open sea.
 He has also designed a bag that is essentially a rectangular box with a bit of a twist. Gehry added, “I think a curve is feminine, and it just adds a feminine touch. We made 10 variations, but they loved that one. We all did.”