Get Involved with Cultural Landscapes

In the Landscape Architecture community, it is important to stay connected and involved. The Cultural Landscape Foundation provides a platform to do just that.

You might be wondering: What is a “Cultural Landscape”?

Cultural landscapes are landscapes that have been affected, influenced, or shaped by human involvement. A cultural landscape can be associated with a person or event. It can be thousands of acres or a tiny homestead. It can be a grand estate, industrial site, park, garden, cemetery, campus, and more. Collectively, cultural landscapes are works of art, narratives of culture, and expressions of regional identity. There are primarily four types of cultural landscapes, although any given landscape may fall under more than one typology:

These sites attract visitors and diverse attention all around the globe. Learn more about this topic and why Cultural Landscapes are so important by visiting the Foundation’s page. Don’t forget to check out their upcoming events and get involved!