Landscape Detectives

Plazas, Parks, Streetscapes, Parklets, Planting Design, Paving Details, Public Art, Flash Mobs, Anti-War Protests, Public Markets, and beautiful San Francisco as the backdrop were some of the findings of the “Landscape Detectives”!

Saturday, September 7th marked the  School of Landscape Architecture’s inaugural  Fall 2013 “Urban Hike”.  After indulging in a major sugar rush of delicious donuts and iced coffee, our group of  29 students and faculty set off on foot to take in a selected route of Landscape Architectural gems within the city of San Francisco.

Urban Hike Route

During the hike, students were encouraged to look at the Urban environment through a new lens. Paving details were pointed out, new urban landscape typologies such as parklets were experienced, heated discussions about plant species took place, and most importantly life experiences were shared that fused together the growing body of students and faculty! 

Take a look at some of the photos taken during this Urban hike, and feel free to upload any photos you may have taken to our Facebook page, or Tweet  your photos @AAULandArch.

Thank you to all that participated, and a special thanks to our ASLA Student Affiliate Chapter for their energy, enthusiasm, and help in getting the word out there!

Photos: ©Yasmine Farazian