Let Carl Warner Show You a World Full of Pure Imagination

Inspiration can come from all places, including your dinner plate.

For advertising photographer, Carl Warner, it was a portabella mushroom. Many years ago, Warner went to the produce market to find objects to shoot. A mushroom caught his eye and he thought “it looked like a tree on an African savanna.” So the photographer took it home and created his first “foodscape” creation, “Mushroom Savanna.”

That mushroom began Warner’s relationship with other foods like broccoli, cheese, and chocolate and turned them into animated (and edible) landscapes. Everything in his food landscapes are made from actual food. Warner came out with a book, “Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes,” that show a collection of foodscape images that can also be viewed on his website here.

Can you name all the ingredients in his pictures?

Even though one may think of his food landscapes as “just something fun to do,” Warner has been hired multiply times as an edible artist from food companies like Nestle and McDonalds to create ads for their products.

Warner seems to give a new meaning to the phrase, “Don’t play with your food.”


Perhaps you can use your dinner for your next landscape model?