“Moana” Animation Tests by Randy Haycock

From Randy Haycock’s YouTube Channel:

A traditionally animated character exploration test. I was showing how Moana should play with her hair. This is very difficult to do in CG, but we wanted it to be a part of her character.

Another Moana test showing how her hair should move in the wind.

A Moana test with her again interacting with her hair.

Moana singing. It differs from regular dialog. It’s more articulated. The breathing more pronounced.

A test of Moana’s father, Tui. This is before the design was finalized and the voice is scratch (temporary). I had fun pushing the shapes. Watch it frame by frame to see how far I pushed it.

A test of Moana’s Grandma Tala. We were experimenting with her flappy “grandma arms”. Again, like all the Moana tests, the dialog is scratch.

A test of Maui from Moana. Dwayne Johnson had recorded some test dialog and I wanted to see how he sounded with Maui’s design. The design went through some refinement after this (less belly).