Monday Morning Photo(s) Museum Edition

For today’s Monday Morning Photo(s) we have an amazing project in Poland, The Museum of Fire by Barbara Grabczewska, Oskar Grabczewski.
Here is a project description from the Architects via
The pavilion was to be situated with prominence on an exposed site near the main access road to the city. The plot had a lot of disadvantages, especially a great number of underground infrastructure that left only very strange, irregular shaped piece of land to build on.
The name of the city – Żory means “fire”, ”burnt”, “flames”. In XII century, when Żory was founded, forest was burnt in order to create free space for the new city. This tradition is still alive – there is a Festival of Fire in summer, and the logo of the city is a small Flame.
It became obvious to us, that a building should look like a fire. The strange shape on the plot suddenly started to resemble dancing flames. The idea started to crystallize.

Photos: © Tomasz Zakrzewski / archifolio