New Summer Course starting June 18! LAN 499: Mapping Sanctuary

LAN 499: Mapping Sanctuary

NEW SUMMER COURSE taught by acclaimed artist and designer Topher Delaney of SEAM Studio.

Mondays/Thursdays 3:30pm – 6:20pm

This course will provide a great opportunity for students to analyze the design, symbolism, experience of and movement through some of the most extraordinary spaces the world has to offer. And, it is a chance for students to explore their own sense of what defines a sanctuary and why such places and spaces might be important in todays’ world.

Through the interdisciplinary media of drawing, writing, reading, lectures, guest speakers and site visits, this course will explore the experience and identity of sanctuary by examining extraordinary case studies around the world. Students will delve into the myth and meaning of sanctuary as well as the importance of the pilgrimage to the sanctuary by learning to analyze the topographical, cultural, spiritual, and physical relationships of selected sites.  Through their new found knowledge and awareness, students will create and define a responsive redesign of a local sanctuary.

Summer Classes start Monday, June 18

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If you have any questions, please contact Heather Clendenin, Director of the School of Landscape Architecture at Academy of Art University, at   or by calling 415-618-3600.

For more information on Topher Delaney please visit:

Igualada, Barcelona

“Koan” Zen Garden, San Francisco

Montjuic, Barcelona