World Cup Fever!


As the world is glued to the “Brazuca” ball that is head bumped and kicked across stadiums in Brazil to determine the winner of the 2014 World Cup, we decided to get the low down on the design of the ball itself.

Adidas’s website states:

  • The Brazuca uses a groundbreaking six-panel design, which improves symmetry, uniformity and efficiency. Brazuca COVER: Six panels of premium PU that has been bonded for reduced water absorption and perfect roundness. Revolutionary panel shape creates flight speed and enhances roundness. Brazuca BLADDER: Latex for excellent rebound
  • Vibrant colors on the ball reflect those of the Brazilian flag as well as the official logo of the FIFA World Cup. The colourful wish bands that the locals wear is brought across by the rhythmic and fluid use of the colors on the ball. The stars in the design harks back to the national flag but also reflects their status as World Cup winners.

Looking at the ball, we can’t help but question whether the design of the vibrant colors and bands were inspired by Brazilian Landscape Architect Roberto Burle Marx’s amazing gardens, parks, and paving patterns that introduced modernist design to Brazil’s landscapes….Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think….

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