PAVE's 19th Annual Student Design Competition

Enter Now! PAVE’s 19th Annual Student Design Competition
Sponsored by: 
Sephora has returned as the 2013 sponsor of the PAVE Student Design Competition. All the details for two design challenges are now available and PAVE is ready to dole out $27,000 in awards to students and schools this year! This annual competition, now in its 19th year, is geared toward college-level students involved in retail design and planning, visual merchandising, interior design, and branding programs. The two challenge categories are visual merchandising and store design.THE VISUAL MERCHANDISING CHALLENGE 
The Sephora brand has a strong market presence in Makeup, Skincare and Fragrance, but is looking to expand and elevate its Hair presentation. Currently, Hair products are merchandised as a subset of Skincare. The ambition is to create a more customized presentation to highlight Prestige Hair Care as its own category, of equal prominence to other main categories. This challenge is to design a suite of fixtures and merchandising signatures that build upon the core presentation formula of the total store, yet create a suitably distinct voice for Hair. These fixtures and merchandising
signatures should be conceived for immediate implementation.
This challenge is to rethink the store’s formula for Color, preserving the defining and differentiating aspects of the opensell cosmetics model, but updating its look, feel and client experience. Students are to identify what they think is
essential from the current in-store model, articulate the opportunities for evolution based on the added advantage
created in the client’s shopping experience and engagement with the brand, and then propose a holistic concept
presenting the evolution of the total Makeup department.
This is an incredible and rare opportunity for students to have the chance to have their designs come to life. There is no fee to apply so please encourage your students to participate!Deadline:
Tuesday, Oct. 29 by 5:00 p.m. Pacific time
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