Re Vamp a Chair for Charity Winners

Here are the three IAD winners from the ReVamp a chair for Charity event held at Leftovers, our students were given the same chair and had the “ReVamp it” to something innovative but still functional, you can see bellow a photograph of the chair before it was ReVamped

1st Place Winner

Name: Sharif Rosales-Webb
Title: Yard stock chair
Description:  To revitalize an outdated structurally sound chair.  Sustainability and the reuse of my stockpile directly influenced the entire design process. The design of the chair took shape by the materials that I have acquired over the years. In my modest wood and metal work shop I started to work with an assortment of table legs, misc. metal rods, raw lumber, leather, and antique lights.
The thicker circular water-soaked table legs complement the original square cut rear legs. By replacing the lower wooden stretcher and spindle of the chair with 5/8” steel rods, the structural integrity is secured. A leftover piece of black walnut sat weathering upon the yard. The chair’s new back support rail is chisel notched and seamlessly integrated through a process of sanding by belt and hand. A mixture of shellac, Tung, and antique wood staining oils seal and connect the three different wood types. An antique electrical cord from an iron is re purposed for the vintage architectural desk lamp. Reclaimed white leather atop a new thin strip of high-density foam brings comfort and illumination to the “yard stock chair”.
2nd Place Winner

DESIGNER: Nicole Roland
NAME: Rocking Barrel
CONCEPT: When I first sat in this chair I felt something was missing; the element of motion. As an artist my mind is constantly moving so when I’m sitting I need a place to channel that energy. Converting the chair to a rocker changed the sitting experience from stagnant to interactive. Living in Napa Valley my inspiration came from our thriving wine industry. The natural curve of a wine barrel allowed me to use the staves for rockers, the seat and back. Giving the chair a new history, purpose, and feeling.
3rd Place Winner

DESIGNER: Gabi Meneghetti
NAME: 1898/1-arm chair
The idea for a one-armed chair was conceived out of a fortunate accident, when one of the arms fell off during transport. This presented two options: to either fix the arm or accept the flaw and use it as a design element. The latter seemed fitting to the cause of SF Animal Care and Control, as the spirit of acceptance would resonate within the chair.
The arm and legs were reconstructed with new back and seat pieces. All new parts were mechanized using CNC technology. The 28 pieces of Baltic Birch Plywood were stacked together creating a contrast with the ornamental details of the original chair. This transition between the old and new is unified by the application of a glossy black finish.