Remembering Robin Williams as “Mrs. Doubtfire”

Remembering Robin Williams…
When you think of the 1993 comedy Mrs. Doubtfire, what comes to mind? Robin Williams dancing-vacuuming in drag inside that old Victorian home in San Francisco right? 

Well as a tribute to the award winning actor/comedian, we decided to take you inside the beautiful house where the movie was filmed, the location is in the Pacific Heights neighborhood here in San Francisco.
The house is considered a “Victorian Painted Lady,” even though it’s not as colorful as the other “Painted Ladies”  The real address was mentioned in the movie by Sally Field’s character Miranda as 2640 Steiner Street.


The interior scenes were filmed in a Bay area warehouse that they used as a sound stage.

The Set Designer was Garrett Lewis, who worked on other films like Panic Room, Wedding Crashers, and Hook.

The movie won an Oscar for Best Makeup. It took over 4 hours to turn Robin Williams into a woman each day.

Even though the house was designed  in the early ’90s, it really isn’t as outdated as you’d think to be after almost 20 years. You can tell they were going for a more classic, timeless look–nothing too trendy and something that worked with the location. 
Here’s how the house looks today, shown from the corner we never see in the movie (viainetours):

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