Internships for Advertising Students: The First Step to Career Success

Internships for advertising students are a great way to set yourself apart and land a job in the highly competitive advertising industry.  

Malin Seijboldt Aeslaendik

Types of Classes You’ll Find in an Advertising Degree Program

You might be surprised to learn just how varied the classes in an advertising degree program can be.

A Basic Introduction to Advertising School

Advertisements are everywhere. They’re in trains and subway stations, magazines and newspapers, social media apps and online platforms. You might not think a lot about ads, but there’s a lot that…

Still from student ad project Never Walk Away

Student-Athletes Video Project Nominated for 2019 ADDY Awards

Being a student-athlete is no walk in the park. Not only are they expected to perform well in their sport, they are also required to do well in their academics. It sounds tough as it is, but Men’s…

Andrea and Mark School of Advertising

Director Dialogue Series: Andrea Pimentel and Mark Edwards, School of Advertising

Today, in our Director Dialogue series, our featured directors are Andrea Pimentel and Mark Edwards from the Advertising School. Pimentel is a committed educator and award-winning Interactive Art…

Academy Alumnus Creates Famous Super Bowl Commercials for Honda

Academy Alumnus Creates Famous Super Bowl Commercials for Honda

The Super Bowl. It's the biggest show in the world. And with over 110 million people watching, it’s no wonder marketers drop millions of dollars for a 30-second ad spot. In fact, Super Bowl…

“Mac vs PC” Ad Campaign Becomes a Pop Culture Icon

Before iPad vs. Surface, there was Mac vs. PC. In 2006, Jason Sperling, an alum of Academy of Art University’s School of Advertising ('93), led the creative team at Media Arts Lab that created the…