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Popular Design Trends for Online Portfolios to Help You Promote Your Work

Keeping up with portfolio design trends can help you stay current and impress employers.

Keeping Up With Design Trends: Top Best Practices to Follow

No matter which design industry you end up working in, knowing and using these seven best practices is essential. 

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New Decade, New Design Trends: What to Look Out for in 2020

Which design trends are expected to be around in 2020? Learn more about several of the latest trends in graphic design and other fields.  

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8 Major Vintage Design Trends That Are Making a Comeback in 2020

Vintage design trends are expected to return this year in several industries. Find out more about some of these top trends from the past.

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Visual Design in the New Millennium: A Look Back Into the Y2K Era

Take a trip down memory lane with these iconic Y2K visual design trends! See how they serve as foundations for designs today.

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Design Industry Trends: What to Keep and What to Delete in the New Year

Design industry trends change from year to year. Find out which design trends to get rid of and which ones to keep in the coming year.

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5 Key Tips to Creating a Successful Advertising Campaign

All successful advertising campaigns share a few key traits. We’ve compiled five to help you get an idea of what’s needed – and how advertising school can help you get there.

Blast to the Past: Vintage Ads That Changed the Industry

Most people don’t think about how ads shape our lives, but these six vintage ads have become ingrained in our cultural consciousness.

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Different Types of Advertising: An Evolution from Traditional to Digital

Learning about the different types of advertising is crucial to making the most out of your experience in the industry. Whether you're interested in traditional or digital form, there’s always a…

Know Your Options: Exploring Different Types of Advertising

Thanks to technology, there are so many types of advertising available today. Chances are your skills fit at least one career path.