Theater Hall and Stage

On-Stage Entertainment Arts: Shining a Spotlight on Major Theater Awards

You’ve heard of the Oscars — but have you heard of the Tonys? Dive into major entertainment arts awards given out to the theater stars that light up our stages.

Seven Women Composers: Women's History Month

Seven Award-Winning Women Composers in Entertainment Arts

In honor of Women’s History Month, discover the achievements of 7 notable women composers in entertainment arts — ranging from movies and animated films to video games.

Entertainment Arts - School of Communications students at Mic Knight

Careers in Entertainment Arts: Understanding the Role of the Producer

You might have seen “producer” listed in movie credits, but do you know what producers actually do?

Oscars_Featured Photo

Transcending Boundaries in Entertainment Arts: Oscars Criteria for Best International Feature Film

What does it take for international feature films to make it to the Oscars? Find out more about the criteria these films need to meet.  

Indie_Featured Photo

Entertainment Arts and Independent Films and Music: Exploring Indie Media

What makes films and music independent? Find out more about indie media in entertainment arts, including how it started and what sets these apart.  

Entertainment Arts

The Art Bundle: Awards Season in Entertainment Arts

The awards season is over, but for many of you, your journey into the realm of entertainment arts may just be starting. For this pilot bundle of TAB, we give you the lowdown on some of the biggest…


The Best of the Worst in Entertainment Arts: Your Guide to the Raspberry Awards

The annual Raspberry Awards or Razzies honor the best of the worst in the film industry. See what this unusual entertainment arts awards show is all about!

Documentary_Featured Photo

Exploring Genres in Entertainment Arts: Key Components of a Documentary Film

What makes up documentary films? Learn more about some of the key components of these films in the field of entertainment arts.  

Sundance Film Festival

Exploring Indie in Entertainment Arts: An Overview of the Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival provides independent filmmakers a chance to showcase their films in a major platform. And every year in January, it makes Salt Lake City shine brighter than Hollywood.

Women filmmakers

Eleven Famous Female Film Directors You Should Know

There are more than just a few handful of notable women who have done impressive filmmaking. Here are eleven famous female film directors you should know.