Creative Mind - The Pitch - Bonus Episode 5- 700x300 Staic Ad

Creative Mind Bonus Episode: Academy Award Winner Jana Memel Talks Making the Pitch

(by Bobby Brill)

Tell me your story. Give me your pitch. That sounds easy, but for most of us crafting a pitch can be nerve-racking.

In this bonus episode for Creative Mind, Academy Award winner and Executive Director of the Schools of Entertainment (film schoolmusic production, and writing for film and TV) at Academy Art University gives us the good, the bad, and the ugly on a simple pitch for a movie.

Jana Sue Memel is an Academy Award-winning producer and writer. Ms. Memel has produced over 25 movies and over 65 half-hour, live-action shorts that have played as television series in more than 30 countries. The films she has produced have won Writers Guild and Directors Guild Awards, Emmys, CableACE Awards and the Humanitas Prize.

Sit up, get ready to take down notes, and hit play.

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