Women Composers: Kanno Yoko

The Art Bundle: The Producer and the List of Sevens

This edition of The Art Bundle for entertainment arts features the renowned Producer role and a motley crew of Sevens: award-winning female composers and playwrights, and major theatre awards.

We can’t stress enough the important contributions and role that women play in the industry of entertainment arts, and so the least we can do is shine a light on them and their work. We’re looking forward to more productive contributions from them in the future!

The Producer in Production Work

The role of the producer is not always that comes to mind first when talking about the film or TV industry, but have no doubt about it, this role is as crucial as it gets. Get an overview of what’s entailed in the job, and what it will take for you to be a success.

Seven Women Composers: Women's History Month

Female Composers in Entertainment Arts

Music can make or break the mood of a scene in a film, TV show, theatre production, or even video games. We tip our hats to these seven female award-winning composers for their masterpieces that make the industry sound just a little bit more heavenly.

Female Playwrights and Screenwriters

Here’s another Seven list: seven award-winning female playwrights and screenwriters. Through their vivid imagination and sharp-witted, cutting dialogue, they’ve given us some of the more memorable films and theatre productions to enjoy.

female scriptwriters-hero

Major Theatre Awards

Looking to soon validate your acting career on stage with a highly coveted award? Set your sights on these seven major theatre awards. Aim high and reach for the top!

Theater Hall and Stage

The entertainment arts industry is highly dynamic and constantly evolving. As we enter this new face of everyday “normal”, we look forward to see how it will reimagine itself to keep us all entertained. Meanwhile, stay tuned here for more industry fun fact and cool updates.

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