Spring 2014 Missoni Style

Today marks the first day of Spring 2014 (according to the astronomical calendar). It is also called the spring quinox and its one of our favorite seasons of the year. Why? because increasing daylight, warming temperatures and we get to see more color in design, and what better example than the first Missoni Hotel in the world, a collaboration with the Rezidor Hotel Group (Belgium based hotel management company) opening its doors a few years ago, but its still a great example of the use of color and contrast in interior design.
With a total of 136 Missoni rooms, the fashion hotel launch was a success. The fashion house introduced their home collection of the Missoni label over 30 years ago, back in 1981 and it is still fresh and colorful, here are a few hand rendering of the hotel we found online that show that designers are still sketching and rendering by hand.