Thank You, Next: Happy New Year to All!

Thank You, Next: Happy New Year to All!

And just like that, 2018 is SO last year. It's been quite an impressive past 12 months, but we're glad for the lessons learned. You're probably still reeling from the holiday slump (we know we are!)…

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2018 Wrap-Up: 5 Academy of Art University Alumni Who Deserve a Shout-Out

Academy of Art University’s programs teach students the skills they need to succeed in their dream careers. Before we switch out our calendars for 2019, let’s turn back the clock and meet five of our…

Academy of Art Gallery

5 Creative, Art Degree-Worthy Projects by Academy Students in 2018

Academy of Art University’s students reached new heights and enjoyed many great successes while working for their art degree in 2018. Here are just a few of the incredible projects completed this…

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FAFSA Tips to Avoid Common Financial Aid Mistakes

After deciding to attend college, most prospective students have questions about how to apply for financial aid. If you plan to apply for funding from the federal government, the first thing you…

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Other Factors About Campus Life to Consider When Choosing a College

If you're thinking about going to college, you probably have a mental list of amenities and attractions that you'd like your school to have. However, focusing too much on these can cause you to…

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10 Financial Aid Terms Everyone Must Know

The thought of applying for college financial aid can be intimidating for just about anyone. Some help and guidance could surely come in handy, whether you’re heading to college yourself or helping…

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10 Tips to Create a Noteworthy Art Portfolio for College Admissions

While it would be nice if dreams simply fell into our laps, they’re usually the result of hard work. Preparation for an art or design career typically involves an art school education.

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7 Tips: How to Choose an Art School Without Leaving Your Computer

Choosing an art school can be daunting given the many possibilities available. It is, after all, undoubtedly one of the monumental decisions you’ll make in your life.

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College Admissions Process: 7 Ways to Make It Easier and Less Stressful

The college admissions process can understandably be nerve-wracking. It's a major life decision after all, regardless if you have your heart set on a specific college or if you're checking out…