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College Admissions Process: 7 Ways to Make It Easier and Less Stressful

The college admissions process can understandably be nerve-wracking. It's a major life decision after all, regardless if you have your heart set on a specific college or if you're checking out…

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Get Student Financial Aid for Art School With a Creative Portfolio

It’s no secret that while earning a degree is a worthwhile endeavor, it is also an expensive one. Good thing there are available options such as student financial aid, grants, and scholarships

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Three Things You Can Expect From Design or Art Degree Internships

Are you confident enough to dive right into a job armed only with your design or art degree? Internships can help give a preview of how things work in your chosen field, while also providing other…

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Financial Aid and Other Helpful Tips to Better Manage Student Loans

If there’s one thing that students would be glad to never have to deal with ever again after graduation, more than math problems, it’s probably going to be student loans.

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Time at College Campus Open Houses

Open houses provide a great opportunity to see and take a tour of the campus for yourself, meet staff and students, and learn more about the school in general. Keep the following tips in mind to…

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Know the Different Types of Student Financial Aid Options for College

Art schools can provide an outstanding education, and the value associated with it comes at a cost. However, you shouldn’t let the matter of finances discourage you from pursuing the degree you want…

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Reasons Why You Should Attend Open Houses before Choosing a School

It sure would be nice to be able to test something out before committing to it, right? This rings especially true when you’re deciding which college you should go to. This is where attending campus…

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Students Create Vibrant 8-Story Mural on Cova Hotel

A hotel in the once notoriously gritty Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco is getting a colorful revamp, thanks to students at Academy of Art University! The Cova Hotel, a local boutique hotel…

2018 Chinese New Year Float Honored with Judge's Award

2018 Chinese New Year Float Honored with Judge’s Award

This year, the Academy proudly hosted a float in the 160th annual Chinese New Year festivities. The float caught the eyes of millions of viewers and won an award—the "Judge's Award"—for the fifth…

10 Easy Ways to Afford College Without Going Broke

10 Easy Ways to Afford College Without Going Broke

Higher education -- it sounds so easy when it's said in such a simple phrase. Everybody should have the ability to enhance their knowledge by attending college, right? If you've ever looked into the…