The Fairbairn House in Melbourne

House with a perforated brick screen wall designed by Australian firm Inglis Architects, caught our attention because the use of the extra layer added to the façade also creates a very interesting sense of depth to the building’s volume, and a great play of light and shadow. The interiors are simple and modern, with a mix of wood and metal throughout the house.
House-with-a-perforated-brick-screen-wall-1-1200x1200 House-with-a-perforated-brick-screen-wall-3-1200x901 House-with-a-perforated-brick-screen-wall-4-1200x901 House-with-a-perforated-brick-screen-wall-5-1200x881 House-with-a-perforated-brick-screen-wall-6-888x1200 House-with-a-perforated-brick-screen-wall-7-1200x901 House-with-a-perforated-brick-screen-wall-8-901x1200 House-with-a-perforated-brick-screen-wall-10-901x1200