Viewpoint Floating Platform by AOR

Happy Friday, check out this innovative landscape installation in London, a floating platform in Camley Street’s Natural Park, commissioned by the Finish Institute in London and designed by Erkko Aarti, Arto Ollila and Mikki Ristola (AOR).
The concept/inspiration behind it was taken from the rocky sanctuaries and small islands traditionally found in the Scandinavian Peninsula.
The structure’s ‘humble attitude towards nature’, as explained by Mikki Ristola, allows visitors to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of London’s city life and take a moment to take-in, admire and view through the soft oak peek holes, the hidden serenity that this secluded National Park bestows. 05_Viewpoint_Kings-Cross[1]04_Viewpoint_Kings-Cross[1]01_Viewpoint_Kings-Cross[1]