Monday Morning Photo(s) Poland Edition

For today’s Monday Morning Photos, we have an incredible tiny project by architecture firm 3XA, The were hired to design the renovation of a small 312 square foot apartment in a 19th century building in Wroclaw, Poland, they had to design a solution that would maximize the space they had available.
As you enter the apartment, you go through a small hallway. The bathroom entrance is on one side, and an open wardrobe with thin curtains and a bookshelf are on the left. Once you pass through the hallway, the space opens up into the living area.
This small apartment is just 312 square feet, and it includes a lofted bedroom.
This small apartment is just 312 square feet, and it includes a lofted bedroom, stairs with storage and a well-designed kitchen that makes use of the height of the apartment.
Several of the original architectural details have been left untouched to give the apartment a very traditional look.
These wooden stairs in a small apartment, have an open bookshelf built into them.
This tiny kitchen is small but functional. As the space it quite tall, there's an additional row of upper cabinets to increase the storage space. A small breakfast bar provides a place to eat, and acts as a separation between the kitchen and living area.
The living area is very small but combines a work area right next to the main resting/living space.
This living area in a small apartment, has a sofa for relaxing and a desk for working.
The stairs that take you to the loft area serve both as a bookshelf and stairs, creating a focal point in the main living area.
In this small apartment, these wooden stairs with storage lead to a lofted bed.
Photography by S.Zajackowski via