When Technology Meets Interior Design

InteriorCrowd, an online interior design platform that has just launched in private beta mode, approached Academy of Art University’s School of Interior Architecture & Design a few months ago to get some of our top students on board to test their app.

Mercedes Maroni and Jeffrey Ypon were chosen by interior designer and instructor Agustin Sanders as two students who have already shown great talent as up-and-coming interior designers. Ypon explained, “InteriorCrowd is a great platform that will seamlessly connect designers to clients in need of design input.”


Interior rendering by IAD Student Mercedes Maroni

The students were given a brief by InteriorCrowd that covered the client’s style (retail brands that they liked and Pinterest links to images they liked), room details (which room needed a redo and the dimensions and pictures of each room) and the package needed (InteriorCrowd is currently testing three products that vary in degree of how much help the room needs from a little—to a lot).

The deliverable was a rendering of the designer’s suggested changes – based on the client’s real room, keeping items the client liked and subtracting items they didn’t. The designer also added pieces they thought would bring the room to life.

Maroni said, “The client had a very specific idea of what she wanted in the space and how she wanted to spend the budget. Design-wise, I didn’t think it was the most effective way to spend the budget and what the space needed, so I presented three designs.”

More about InteriorCrowd

InteriorCrowd is a fun and affordable way for busy people to get an inspiring design for their home online. Our proprietary technology connects clients and designers around the world, and it provides a platform for designers to create inspiring, personalized designs for each client’s unique space. Designers can focus on what they really love doing—design.

If you are interested in participating in InteriorCrowd’s closed beta round, please email Ruth at .