3D Interior Modelers Wanted

3D Interior Modelers Wanted!!!

Calling out all interior design, 3D modeling, and architecture majors who are looking to expand their portfolio working with a fellow student from the Academy.
I’m a grad student at the school of Fashion Merchandising looking for someone to help me with some basic 3D modeling. My final thesis is retail concept space and I need someone to help me bring my idea to 3D life.
I’d love to collaborate with a student who’s willing to expand their portfolio and is interested in doing a retail interior. I have done floor plans, mood boards, inspiration images and basic modeling on Google SketchUp, but I want to bring my ideas to the next level. I’m more than willing to bounce ideas back and forth with you if you’re interested in that as well.

Email me or text me if you’re interested!

Looking hearing from you!


(408) 504-4357