Pablo Picasso visits SF

The de Young Museum in San Francisco opened an exhibit called “Picasso Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris” a few days ago. Picasso’s abstract paintings and Cubism has played a big influence in molding modern architecture. Take a moment to think about all the modern architecture that surrounds us – buildings that are “box” shaped and houses that play with geometrical shapes/forms. Clearly, this could be the use of Cubism in architecture. But most importantly, how does this apply to interior design? Cubist paintings like Picasso’s can make a bold statement in a room, even if there is minimal furniture. Sometimes you have to work around a piece of art to create a stunning space. The use of bright colors and different kinds of shapes can also be incorporated in a room in numerous ways – from the way the furniture is arranged, to the accent pillows on a sofa, to the pattern on the rugs.
Take a look of  images of Cubism influenced in Architecture & Interior design:

For information about the de Young exhibit visit: deyoung