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Back to School Summer Series: Facilities Roadmap

New in campus and still trying to make your way around without spending precious minutes being lost? We’ve got your back.

We’ve rounded up for you primary locations in Academy of Art University so that you can be more efficient with your day-to-day schedule.


You’ve been taking your classes in them for the past couple of weeks, so you should have some concrete idea as to where these buildings are located. In certain instances, though, you may be directed to a different venue that you’re not all too familiar with yet.

academy of art school building facilities

Make sure to take note of the opening and closing times of your buildings. School buildings are closed on Sundays, EXCEPT for the following:

  • 70 Chestnut (open 7:00AM to 12MN)
  • 180 New Montgomery (open 10:00AM to 10:00PM)


This facility is for items only, so please don’t turn yourself in if you do find yourself lost. That’s what Google Maps/Waze/the Campus Host is for. You may also call in advance to report a lost item or check with them if anybody had turned it over; that way you won’t have to head over there only to find out that they don’t have it.

academy of art lost and found


We have a bunch of them throughout the city, regularly and proudly showcasing works of Academy students and alumni. We strongly recommend dropping by and checking them out. Not only is this a good way to show support for your peers, but also to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to stop procrastinating on your own art.

academy of art galleries


Avoid the stereotypical “starving artist” cliché’. We have several cafes to cater to your cravings. Have your fill so that you stay on top of your creative ideas.

academy of art cafes


Who says artists can’t be good at sports and other fitness things? We like our students to be as well-rounded as possible, and so we’ve provided fitness centers that you can use to stay in shape or just de-stress from the demands of academics.

Lift some weights, swim some laps, shoot some hoops. Whatever it is you want to improve your physical stamina, endurance, and focus, we can accommodate in our facilities.

academy of art fitness centers

The Clara Gil Stephen hall has a 6-lane indoor pool, with an attendant life guard. It also has a gym, as well as the 1071 Pine address. Meanwhile, 601 Brannan provides outdoor basketball courts.

You too can enjoy these Academy facilities. Apply now to be part of our art school community, or contact our admissions reps to request for information.