Academy Weekly - February 18

Academy Weekly: That Time We Had TMI – Tips, Mood, Inspiration

How’s the Spring semester treating you all so far? We hope our art school is shaping up to be everything you’ve hoped for and more. It’s still early on in the program, but there’s no better time than now to get serious and down to business so you can fulfill your creative potential. Don’t worry, because we’ll be sure to balance it out with some more of the fun stuff.

Like this batch of blog posts we had last week. We reckon you’re getting busier with schoolwork by the day, but that still shouldn’t be a reason for you to miss out on cool reads from our blog–especially not when we have some really awesome career tips and inspiraton for you.

Lights, Camera, Acting Tips, Please!

Aspiring actors are a dime a dozen, so they say, but having an acting degree could certainly give you the leg up you need to make it far in the industry.There are a lot of other elements that you should pay close attention to in order to increase your visibility, however, apart from well-lit headshots and demo reels. If you want to be taken seriously as an actor, you must start working on your own brand. Here are four helpful tips how to do so.

Setting the Gaming Mood

A good gameplay is sure to get gamers hooked, but it needs a good soundtrack to set and get the mood going. As with film, music plays a huge role in making an environment feel as real and immersive as possible in videogames. Here are some of the more famous videogame soundtracks that could serve as inspiration for aspiring music producers and sound designers like you.

Pioneering Industries

Speaking of inspiration, this lady right here is certainly one of the more relevant names in the music production industry. Daphne Oram broke glass ceilings when they told her she can’t. If you’re searching for someone to look up to in the music production industry, she would be a good bet for the role.

Love at First Sight

It’s not too farfetched to think that’s what you’re going to feel should you join the Academy’s Study Abroad Program. After all, it’s set in the breathtaking Italian city of Florence, surrounded by some of the world’s best masterpieces. Embrace the mood. Take the leap and let yourself fall.

Club Mixer

The club mixer was meant to let students, particularly the new ones, find a club or organization that could fit your interests. It’s also a great way to meet new friends, as well as find opportunities to further master your craft while finding your place in art school. Which club are you interested in joining?

PCAE Prep Day

The PCAE Prep Day is specially conducted for our pre-college friends looking to experience the awesomeness that is life in Academy of Art University. It’s not just your usual elective of a program, however. We know making the decision to go to art school for higher education takes a lot of serious consideration, that’s why we take the PCAE seriously as well. If you signed up for the program, we hope you made it to Prep Day last weekend!

Up This Week

Sit tight and hang in there! We’ve got plenty more coming up for you this week. We’ll help you make up your mind on taking up web design and learn UX/UI, among many other things. We also have some imporptant tips on how Cal Grant can help you with financial aid.

Need more folks to look up to as inspiration? We’re introducing a couple of alumni making a mark in their respective industries. More than just a couple, actually, if you count the ones nominated in–oh, no big deal–the Oscars.

On the school events front, we have Basketball Senior Day coming up, so stay tuned for more details on that one. PCAE officially opens this weekend, too, so expect us to sound off a couple more alarms for it.

That’s quite a lot of things to look forward to, so make sure to keep it posted here. See you at the next roundup!