Get to know CLODAGH
Clodagh passionately believes that good design supports well-being and that it can transform people’s lives. She thinks of design and architecture not just as disciplines but also as healing arts that support and enhance the spirit as well as the body.  The experience of entering a Clodagh designed space is one of blissful serenity.
A believer in the tenets of integrative medicine which addresses the entire human body and psyche,Clodaghapplies a broad spectrum of modalities that promote wellness by addressing human issues.   As a pioneer in the use of Feng Shui in her designs, she joyfully embraces both ancient and cutting edge methods.  The use of chromotherapy, biophilia, intelligent materials and natural elements enrich her projects with unmistakable warmth, beauty, structure and flow that appeals to all the senses.
ClodaghDesign is one of the world’s leading innovative design studios working across a broad range of design disciplines and producing a wide range of eco-conscious projects and products including million-square-foot hotels, spas, restaurants, retail stores and showrooms, offices, women’s apparel and cosmetic packaging, rugs and carpets, tiles, plumbing accessories, hardware, textiles, lighting, furniture and home furnishings.
A constant force in the design world since her beginnings in couture fashion at the age of 17,Clodagh’s ground breaking work has captured a steady stream of accolades and awards from the media and her peers.  She was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame and theHospitality Design Platinum Circle.  Architectural Digest has named her among the Top 100 Designers in the World, The Robb Report has put her in their Top 40 Interior Designers in the World, Traditional Home magazine calls her one of the Top Twenty Design Icons, Fashion Group International made her 2010 Star of the Year, and Contract Magazine selected her W Hotel Fort Lauderdale as 2010 Hotel of the Year.
Perhaps because she hails from the “Emerald Isle,”Clodaghwas green long before it was fashionable to be so.  For her, living green has always been a way of life; sustainable and mindful.  She is recognized as a leader in the sustainable movement and in the use of non-toxic materials and she aligns herself with partners who also embody this ethic and strive to contribute philanthropically to their communities.
No “lip service” philanthropist,Clodaghtruly believes in giving back to the world’s communities., she tirelessly supports the Thorn Tree Project and Azama projects, which foster education in the developing world.  She believes that education feeds the mind and is the right of every child through which the world will become a more prosperous and harmonious place.
An in-demand inspirational speaker, Clodagh’s second book, Your Home Your Sanctuary, was released by Rizzoli in 2008. Her First Book, Total Design, is now in its third printing.