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Creative Mind Podcast Episode 38: Concept Artist Jeremy Saliba – Build Skill Sets Out of Fandoms

Concept artist Jeremy Saliba makes the pointed reminder for people to be careful with their critiques, and to “Never yuck someone’s yum.” 

Your assignment is to watch movies, read comic books, and play video games to the point that you become so obsessed with them that everything you ever see, read, or play again becomes part of your vernacular. So much so, that you cannot have normal conversations about pop culture without offering unwarranted and unending critiques.

But on this episode of Creative Mind, our guest, concept artist Jeremy Saliba makes the point several times to be careful and, “Never yuck someone’s yum.” 

Urban Knight Through and Through

Jeremy Saliba received his BFA in Illustration with an emphasis in 2D animation from Academy of Art University in 2003. He later joined the Academy as a part-time instructor in 2007, spearheading new curricula that integrated Wacom Cintiq technology and becoming Online Curriculum coordinator for the School of Visual Development in 2014.

Jeremy is also a cover artist for Dynamite Entertainment and worked as the art director for the graphic novel Ultrasylvania. He works as a digital artist, concept artist, and character designer – and Star Wars takes a strong foothold in that space, but that is not the only reason we are talking to him. 

Turning Fandom into Skillset

Jeremy is a strong proponent of developing your taste as an artist. Which can border on being ironic if you are an artist who wants to work on comic books, sci-fi tv shows or video games – those mediums that are now finally getting their reverence after so many years.

Forty years on, Star Wars is now a beautifully accepted genre unto its own, showcasing “The Hero’s Journey” and philosophical questions about race, life, and religion. The stuff so-called real art has tackled for eons.

And on this episode, Jeremy does a great job giving all artists permission to the guidance to nerd out the right way to turn your fandom into a skillset. 

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