Disney Imagineering – Competition – Design City Transportation

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Project Submission

For the 2015 competition, teams are asked to address the following project challenge:

Disney has world class theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, and other entertainment venues that are highly popular with families from all around the world. We challenge you to take what Disney does best today and apply it to transportation within a major city. Your uniquely Disney transportation experience should include station/stops and vehicle designs that reflect the diversity of the city, and are accessible, energy-friendly, and fun!

Upon qualification, your team will be provided a Microsoft PowerPoint® template to submit its project:

  • Submission must include:
    • Overview of your project
    • Story behind your design
    • Description of the Guest experience
    • Project images, photos and/or video
    • Team members’ roles and project contributions
  • Submission may not exceed eight slides.
  • Submission may include only one video, not to exceed one minute in length.
  • All images and photos should include a description.
  • Do not include the name of your college/university or any team member on any page, image or video.
  • You may create your own characters or use existing Disney characters for the purpose of the Imaginations Competition only.
  • Your project submission must be sent by mail on a CD-ROM or flash drive and received by the project submission deadline. Project submission must not exceed 10MB in size.
  • If selected as a finalist team, you may bring artwork, illustrations, storyboards, story treatments, models, building designs and any other materials you have developed to the final competition.
  • Projects, entries and/or ideas may not be posted or displayed online until the culmination of the competition. Doing so will automatically disqualify the team.
  • All materials submitted to Walt Disney Imagineering will become the property of Walt Disney Imagineering and will not be returned.

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