How can tragedies like Houston happen? #HoustonInOurHearts

Articles written in 2015 and 2016 warned Houston that their region was flood prone after “38,000 acres of wetlands vanished,” covered with #impervioussurfaces . Urbanization issues like these lead to lives lost: #itstime for the United States to bring teams of #LandscapeArchitects to the table!

AAU Landscape Architecture Department Holds Houston In Our Hearts this Fall Semester

The #AAUlandarch family holds the people of #Houston in our hearts. Let’s make cities safer.  Who is with us? Take LAN 300 and 400 Studios to learn about Design of Urban Spaces and Regional Planning THIS SEMESTER at AAU with Instructor Bava and Frankl. We’re learning ways to save cities from such tragedy.

#regionalplanning  #HurricaneHarvey #protectourcities #stormwatermanagement #HoustonInOurHearts

How to Donate to Harvey Victims, an article by NYTimes.