Lyft HQ San Francisco

We have all seen the pink mustache on cars driving around town right? So that would be the app Lyft- a privately held, San Francisco–based American transportation network company. The main idea behind Lyft is to ‘design happiness into the whole experience’ of ride sharing.  It is more than a taxi ride, it’s a fist bump away from riding with a friend.  The founding partners wanted a headquarters that reflected the children in them, a nostalgic Willy Wonka experience, so they went to Rapt Studio for help.

A major challenge for the design of the space was a very tight budget in a 10 week construction schedule.  The design team maximized the existing construction and finishes where possible, finding inexpensive alternative building materials. “We were inspired by Lyft’s pink mustache and we wanted to stimulate entering the headquarters through a mustache.  Working with the local fabricators, we were able to simulate this experience by covering pool noodles with pink fabric and hanging them from an existing metal structure. We also created a secret library where you enter through a large painting of Willy Wonka.” Now that is a fun office space…Here are some pictures of the interior design.lyft_san_francisco_office_design_2.jpg
Photos via officelovin