Monday Morning Photo(s)

For today’s Monday Morning Photos we have a look at a project inspired by traditional Chinese landscape paintings by Hong Kong based design firm Panorama.
‘Our projects always tell stories,’ says Horace Pan, founder of Panorama. He’s emphasizing the common thread that runs through the work done by his Hong Kong design firm, whose latest scheme – the Yue restaurant in Chengdu – paints an abstract picture that tells ‘the story of a traditional Chinese landscape painting’. Reflecting the changing perspectives that appear in such masterpieces, the interior of the fusion restaurant offers a multi-perspective experience. To achieve the look they had in mind, Panorama’s design team – Horace Pan, Nick Wong and Kenny Hung – inserted a faceted timber ‘lattice’ into the space. This slatted framework – composed of laths that form triangles of different shapes and sizes – can be seen as a functional envelope that conceals the restaurant’s mechanical systems, but Chinese symbolism grants the lattice a range of descriptions, including ‘an organic though modern landscape’. Panorama gave Yue’s interior landscape a ‘fusionist’ twist to complement the cuisine, using marble, wood veneer and golden finishes. A flock of birdlike objects in white ceramic hovers overhead, and a local artist contributed a large wall panel made of recycled paper and LED lights, adding an extra dash of artistic flavor to the menu. Pan hopes an evening at Yue a word translated as ‘happy’ or ‘pleasant’ will give diners the kind of multi-perspective experience that leads to personal and contrasting interpretations of their surroundings.

Photos Ng Siu Fung, courtesy of Panorama
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