Q-Pot Hair Salon and Residence In Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Interiors architecture & design studio HAO Design has transformed an old multi-story building in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City into a must-visit contemporary hair and beauty salon, housing the owner’s private home on its top two floors. The design has very bold colors, pipelines, concrete and aviation engineering elements that were matched with the owners private art collection creating a very rough yet appealing atmosphere on the ground level — meanwhile, a similar atmosphere continues up on the mezzanine level, where part of the area was made to simulate a boxing ring, From there upwards, the owner’s home begins, with the main living area and kitchen occupying the first floor and the bedroom tucked high up above. A large tree planted on the first floor balcony reaches all the way up to the fourth floor through openings in the facade, adding much needed greenery to the otherwise bare window views.

Photo © Hey! Cheese.


Photo © Hey! Cheese.