MFA Students’ Community Service Project: Francisco Reservoir

School of Landscape Architecture


The Francisco Reservoir

Thanks to Rebecca Delgado Rottman, Vice President of Community and Government Relations here at the Academy of Art University,  students in the first year MFA studio will be embarking on a very exciting community service project later this semester. The Francisco Reservoir is located at the corner of Bay and Hyde Street. The reservoir has not been used in decades and although the site has the potential of becoming one of the most beautiful open spaces in the entire city, it has lain dormant for over 60 years.

Students in Toni Bava’s studio have been asked by a consortium of four neighborhood groups to come up with some visions for this long underutilized space. They hope to present the selected design(s) to  the surrounding communities in order to garner further support before approaching City Hall with their proposals. Instructor Antonia Bava will be guiding our students through this process which has the potential of adding another beautiful public open space to the City’s fabric.

For more information on the history of the San Francisco Reservoir, click HERE.