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From Sundance to Theatres: Strawberry Mansion is Proudly rLab Made

Strawberry Mansion, set for a theatrical release in February, seems destined for overcoming great distances--from being animated via a remote animation studio to making it as far as the renowned…

StudioX Podcast with Catherine Tate and Sasha Korellis

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 47: Catherine Tate and Sasha Korellis on StudioX

StudioX, a student-run, faculty-mentored experience, emulates a real-world animation and VFX production environment.

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 16: Real Talk with Stop Motion Animation Fabricator Gillian Hunt

On this episode of Creative Mind, Bobby Brill talks about the world of creating puppets, characters, scene design and model making with former alum Gillian Hunt as she walks us through her career in…

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Academy of Art’s Best of the Best: The Spring Show Showcase

This year’s Spring Show, hosted online, gives you plenty of inspiration and zero excuses to check out Academy of Art University’s Best of the Best. Here are four students with their art portfolio,…

Four Basics You Need to Know about 3D Animation

Academy of Art's School of Animation & Visual Effects is hosting a FREE workshop on 3D Animation on July 7, 2020, for anyone interested in developing skills for this craft. RSVP today! In the…

Women Composers: Kanno Yoko

The Art Bundle: The Producer and the List of Sevens

This edition of The Art Bundle for entertainment arts features the renowned Producer role and a motley crew of Sevens: award-winning female composers and playwrights, and major theatre awards.

Feamle Leaders_Time

The Art Bundle: The Coolest in the Gaming Industry – Women Designers, Game Conventions, Title and Console Launches

Welcome back to another iteration of The Art Bundle – Gaming edition! Just before we wrap up the months of May, we look back at a time when going to public gatherings like game conventions aren’t…


Female Leaders in Art and Design: Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate never really thought about how her being a woman affected her role and presence in the industry—until one pivotal event when she came face to face with the imbalance.

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Raising Dragons: Academy of Art Hosts Game of Thrones VFX Webinar

WHAT: Game of Thrones VFX Webinar with Thomas Schelesny and Tyler WeissWHEN: April 14, 2020, Tuesday | 7PM PST WHERE: OnlineREGISTER HERE

Theater Hall and Stage

On-Stage Entertainment Arts: Shining a Spotlight on Major Theater Awards

You’ve heard of the Oscars — but have you heard of the Tonys? Dive into major entertainment arts awards given out to the theater stars that light up our stages.