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Game Development in Retrospect: Reliving the Last Twenty Years

Relive some of the most notable game development milestones from 2000 to the present.

School of Game Development

School of Game Development Executive Director Talks Community-Building through Games

“It doesn’t matter what the age group is; there are so many people playing some type of game now,” observes School of Game Development Executive Director David Goodwine.

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Fundamental Classes Required for a Game Development Degree

Thinking about building a career in game development or game programming? Knowing more about the kinds of classes needed for these degree programs can help you understand what to expect.

Esports in Higher Education: A Trend to Invest in or a Fad That Will Fizzle Out?

Between the demand and financial rewards, college esports are undoubtedly taking higher education by storm. But are they really here to stay?

The Rise of a New Industry in Gaming: What is Esports?

What is esports ? Esports has given gamers a lucrative way to earn money while playing video games competitively. Learn more about it. 

RSVP: Game Development Blizzard Studio Livestream

What: Game Development Blizzard Studio LivestreamWhen: Tuesday, November 12th at 5:00 PMWhere: Live stream at the theater at 79 New Montgomery

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Video Game Development: 7 Video Games That Took Forever to Develop

Video game development is a complex process, but some games take an unusually long time. Learn more about video games that took forever to develop. 

Overwatch Varsity Invitational

*UPDATE* Academy of Art E-Sports Team Competes in Overwatch Varsity Invitational

Missed out on the ART U E-Sports team's first round of matches last weekend? No worries, we've got the updates right here, the schedule for the next one, and where you can watch it!

The Building Blocks of a Game Development Career: An Intro

A look at the evolving and exciting game design and programming industry, and what prospective students need to know about the field.

San Diego Comic Con 2019

Comic-Con 2019 Wrap-Up: Academy of Art Talks Game

Missed this year’s Comic Con in San Diego? We’ve got the lowdown on what our art school did in the event, all wrapped up for you.